At the Mozaika Restaurant we save food!

We care about the environment and fight food waste.

These are the main reasons why we joined „Too Good To Go” from September 1, 2023. Mozaika Delikatesy is one of the partners of this unique initiative.

The Too Good To Go app allows you to save unsold food from your favorite places.

A global problem

Food waste is a huge global problem that causes not only economic losses, but also a negative impact on the environment.

Thanks to the „Too Good To Go” application and the involvement of places such as Mozaika Delikatesy, we can change a lot together.

Consumers have a chance to save food from being wasted and at the same time contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Saved meals and high ratings – thank you!

Since joining Too Good To Go, we have saved 264 meals. This number is equivalent to avoiding the emission of 660 tons of carbon dioxide!

Our Surprise Packages have been marked as „favorites” 464 times.

The overall rating of 4.79/5 confirms that „Too Good To Go” users like what we do and trust the quality we offer.

The Surprise Package rating is 4.82 and the on-site experience rating is 4.84.

The lack of cancellations and returns also proves that our food is delicious!

How to order a package?

Just download the Too Good To Go app, register and order.

Packages are available to application users for only PLN 9.99, PLN 12.99 and PLN 15.99. Their value is PLN 30, 40 and 50 respectively, and each one has something delicious.

This is not only an opportunity for customers to have a unique culinary experience, but also a chance to do something good together – save tasty and nutritious food.

Join us!

For Mozaika Delikatesy, joining the „Too Good To Go” initiative is not only a way to fight food waste. We are glad that as a partner we reach many people who care about environmental protection and who appreciate good tastes. We are proud to be part of this positive change.

Join us and see what good we do!