Mozaika Restaurant conquers Polish cuisine – a year full of awards!

The year 2023 is a series of successes and numerous awards for the Mozaika Restaurant. Participation in the editions of the Restaurant Week Polska festival brought us crowds of satisfied guests who appreciated the unique dishes.

The best appetizer

In the spring edition, black pudding fried with green apple, chicory and celery won the title of „Best Appetizer in Warsaw”. It is a great honor and confirmation that our cuisine is recognized even in the face of such huge competition.

Success at the Restaurant Week Polska Festival

The Autumn 2023 Edition is already a real awards madness. We won first place in the „Best Restaurant in Warsaw” category and the title „Most Popular Restaurant in Warsaw”. The number of 1,539 people who visited us during this time is a great distinction for our team.

Successes were not limited only to the capital. Nationwide, we took third place in the „Best Restaurant in Poland” category. This is not only confirmation of high quality, but also additional motivation to improve and provide unforgettable taste experiences to our guests.

The best main course

However, we are most proud of the success of our dishes. „The best main course in Warsaw” and „The best main course in Poland” are a real triumph. Halibut with crayfish, pumpkin, common sole and potato gratin (menu version A) and delicate duck breast with salsify, plum, broccoli and carrot (menu version B) won the hearts of gourmets.
The awards we received confirm that the passion, creativity and commitment of the team, led by Chef Tomasz Koprowski, bring exceptional results. We love eating, cooking and feeding our guests!

The Mozaika Restaurant is not only a place where we serve delicious dishes all year round, but we also provide a real feast for the senses.

We invite you to discover the world of flavors at the Mozaika Restaurant!